Maurice Hines is a son, father, brother, friend, colleague, citizen, and earthling.

Maurice Hines is an artist, activist, educator, Arabist, thinker, worshipper, community servant, and information specialist.

His interests are numerous. Here are a few:

  • African and African American History & Culture
  • Islamic History, Philosophy, Jurisprudence, Spirituality, Intellectual History
  • Arabic Language, Literature, Pedagogy
  • Librarianship: Information Literacy, Archives, Classification of Knowledge
  • Black Consciousness, Afrocentricity, Pan-Africanism, Black Nationalism, Black Radicalism, Social Activism
  • Hip-Hop Culture & History in the U.S. & Africa
  • Egyptology, Ancient Mystery Schools & Religious Philosophies of the Ancient World
  • Educational Philosophy in Islam, the West, and Ancient World

The Maurchives is an attempt to record some of his ideas around these topics and share them with the world.

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